Is Hillary ‘too big to fail’?

Reprinted with permission from Morgan Brittany:

As I watch the unfolding investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, I have to keep asking myself, what exactly are they looking for that will convince them that she engaged in criminal activity? The months keep ticking by and the painfully sluggish release of the emails are met with reports that as of the current date, the FBI has found over 1,300 emails that were deemed “classified,” yet no one seems to bat an eye. The nonchalant attitude in the media is predictable, but why is such a serious breach of national security met with a yawn?

I understand the long, involved process, realizing that the FBI has to dot all of its “I’s” and cross all of its “T’s” – because any slip up could give Hillary’s lawyers fodder to discredit the investigating department. But the drip, drip, drip of information is doing exactly what the Clintons and the Democrats want: delay and bore people until they are sick of hearing about it, and ultimately it turns into an unimportant non-issue. Remember, we have been through this before with the “it’s just sex” scandal with Bill.

There may be another reason that this is taking so painfully long, however, and that is because the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner by putting all their chips on Hillary as their nominee for president. They know that they have no other options, and as the clock keeps ticking toward November, they have to get this situation behind them – and fast.

Whether or not they will admit it, they have known all along that Hillary was not the ideal choice for the Democratic nomination, but they “owed” her after Obama stole her thunder in ’08. There was no question through all of the Obama years and even after all of her denials and “I’m not sure whether I will run” nonsense. There was never a doubt in her mind that she would run, and there was never a choice for the Democratic Party. Her nomination and eventual presidency has been set in stone as far back as the 1990s when she stood by Bill during his impeachment. You better believe that she made some pretty strong demands for her future at that time.

I’m sure she assumed her time had come in ’08, but both she and Bill were blindsided by Obama, and I am sure they were promised complete allegiance from the party if she would just bide her time, build her credibility as secretary of state and then step into the White House in 2016 with little or no effort.

Will the Clintons ever be held accountable? Help make sure they are by supporting the Hillary Clinton Investigative Justice Project, an effort targeting the racketeering enterprise known as the Clinton Family Foundation

No one realized, though, that Mrs. Clinton’s paranoia and ego would get the better of her. Through no one’s fault but her own, she has probably sabotaged her own future because she made up her own rules about how she wanted the law to work. One thing is for certain: Hillary is not stupid. What she did with the private server and the deleted emails was justified in her own mind. She knows that what she did was a crime, yet she has lived in a world of lies, deceit and cover-ups for so long that she truly believes it is irrelevant. Time after time she has said that she did nothing wrong, none of the emails were marked “classified at the time she received them”; therefore, what’s the problem? In her mind, she was following the law as she saw it to be, not as it actually was. Even though others in the past, for example Gen. David Petraeus, were investigated and found guilty, she would not be because she was Hillary and it was justified. Kind of reminds me of the celebrities who chastise someone who fails to recognize them with the withering statement “don’t you know who I am?”

In her own twisted, convoluted way, Hillary has convinced a large segment of her party that even though others, who had done far less than she did, were guilty and needed to pay the price, she should be exonerated because she is just too powerful in the party. Plus she is the only thing they’ve got, and she is entitled to win the prize.

Like the banks and other financial institutions that melted down the world economy in 2008, Hillary is just too big to fail. At all costs she will have to be bailed out of this disaster no matter what crimes she committed. If – and it’s a big if – she had any integrity at all…

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Morgan Brittany is the co-owner and anchor for PolitiChicks, and co-author of the book What Women Really Want. She has been an actress for almost her entire life. Today Morgan intends to keep active whether behind or in front of the camera and will continue to fight for Conservative values, America’s military veterans, and the greatness of America.

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