Iowa GOP Debate Recap: No Trump, No Bullying

GOP debate recap Fox News

With Mr. Trump removing himself from the last debate before the Iowa Caucus, other GOP candidates had a chance to sign. Yes, there was still some banter back and forth, particularly between Cruz and Rubio, but most of their jabs were directed at Hillary and Bernie. Rubio said “Bernie would be a great President…for Sweden.” Rand Paul and Chris Christie gained more TV time as Ben Carson only was asked a couple of questions and seemed to answer confused. Rubio inserted the gospel message a couple of times, more boldly than ever before. Jeb Bush made an interesting assertion that he would win the nomination (wonder where he got that from since he’s not even near the top of the major polls).

When Iowa people go to caucus on Monday who will emerge? Hopefully they will see the true colors of Trump and vote differently–for someone who knows the issues and doesn’t bully and ostracize both friends and enemies.

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