How Gun Friendly Is Your State?

Cowboy, Firearm, Gun, Holster
Cowboy, Firearm, Gun, Holster

Last week at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson proudly announced that Remington Outdoor Company and Sig Sauer are expanding operations in his state, creating more jobs. In the one post I read about the firearm company’s expansion, it listed Arkansas as being the third most gun friendly state with 42 registered firearms owners per 1,000 residents.

That got my curiosity going and set out to find out who the number 1 friendliest state for gun owners was, where my current state of residence falls on the list and who are the least friendly states for gun owners so I turned to Guns and Ammo to see what they said.

I have to admit that I was pleased to see that my home state that I refer to as God’s country topped Guns and Ammo list as being the friendliest state for gun owners. Based upon their ‘strong laws with an unmatched shooting culture and strong industry presence’, Arizona was ranked number 1.

“Arizona gets full points in every category with both permitless and permitted carry, strong self-defense laws, a ‘shall sign’ NFA statue and a thriving competitive shooting scene. Whether you’re into ISPC-style shooting, 3-Gun, long-range rifles, Cowboy matches, shotgunning or just shooting machine guns in the desert, Arizona has everyone covered.”

Number 2 on Guns and Ammo list was a huge surprise to me…

See where your state ranks and read the rest by Dave Jolly at

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