Education: If it’s too hard, lower the bar… excellence is dead

This year in review, originally posted October 30, 2015

In a school district in California, the genius’s running the school district have decided to restructure it’s grading scale to make it easier to get a passing grade. This is a BIG part of the problem with our country… if it’s too hard, lower the bar so it doesn’t feel so bad.  Excellence is a thing of the past, only to be found in rare circles.

Depending on your school, a failing grade traditionally would be below 59%. Cotati-Rohnert Park School District in Sonoma County has lowered that to below 20%! Imagine these 25%’ers attempting to competently compete in the college realm…

As if that weren’t bad enough, the district went even further (emphasis added)…

With a “new policy that students, even if they do not hand in homework or take a test, get 50 percent. Under the new rule, it’s possible for a student who skips a test to receive a better grade than a student who takes the test and does poorly.

I had to read that several times. I was sure I was misreading it. But I wasn’t. Remember when you got a ZERO for missing an assignment or test? It was almost impossible to recover from a zero grade.

But now, they’ve lowered the failing grade to 20% AND if you FAIL to turn in homework or a test, you AUTOMATICALLY get a 50%… which is now a “C”! So you can choose to NOT TURN IN ANYTHING all semester and “earn” (I use that word loosely!) a “C”!

And we wonder why youth today have such an entitlement mentality? If we don’t TEACH them how to work in school, why would we expect them to work after they graduate with an “average” grade after doing absolutely nothing?

If you see moves like this happening in your school district, speak up! Get a group of parents together and go see your school superintendent and/or school board. Parents carry a lot of weight. Use it!

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