Compromising national security for political correctness with coed Marine bootcamp?

Marine, Basic School, March
Marine, Basic School, March

Jude Eden at Lifezette lays out the concerns with coed Marine bootcamp. Are we compromising national security for political correctness? Looks like we may be doing just that!

Here’s a tiny excerpt… you can read the full article at Lifezette:

If there’s one thing that’s primal and unchanging, it’s that men and women are distracted by each other. The second you throw them together they’re checking how they look and competing for each other’s attention. The fallout can run the spectrum from marriage and/or babies to serving in the brig for rape. It’s as predictable as the sun rising in the East, and all the ripples created detract from the objective: training to become the nation’s enemy-killers. Advocates for total integration insist “we’re professionals,” as if professionals don’t hook up and mess up their lives and jobs. Regardless, new recruits are hardly professionals, and boot camp is not an office job. Harassment? That’s boot camp: you can’t train young kids to attack and defend without some touching. A drill instructor’s simple correction or instruction can be construed as harassment when done by the opposite sex.

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