Your Beginners’ Guide to Microaggression Theory

Microaggression Beginners Video, LouderWithCrowder, Video Still
Microaggression Beginners Video, LouderWithCrowder, Video Still

This year in review, originally posted July 22, 2015

In case you’re as confused about “microaggressions” as I am, Steve Crowder over at LouderWithCrowder has put together a little video to help you out.

[He’s] created a beginner’s guide to understanding the ins and outs of the complex landscape that is modern “Microaggression theory“!

It’s definitely worth the 5 minute time investment. You’ll be glad you did. Though I can’t guarantee you’ll be any less confused about microaggression, but I think that’s the whole point of them anyway!

Photo credit LouderWithCrowder video still.


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