Uh oh!: ‘Planned Parenthood’ shooting did not occur at Planned Parenthood… now what?!

Journalism, Notepad, Pen
Journalism, Notepad, Pen

Further evidence that REAL journalism is dead. Renee Nal at LibertyUnyielding reports:

The motive behind Colorado Springs shooter Robert Lewis Dear’s murderous rampage Friday has yet to be determined, but that has not stopped numerous media outlets from speculating that the proximity of the shooting to abortion provider Planned Parenthood had something to do with the deadly incident.

But the Colorado Springs Gazette reported at 1:34 p.m. yesterday:

Colorado Springs police says there is no connection to Planned Parenthood and shooting victims are getting treatment.

Read the full article at LibertyUnyielding, complete with ridiculous quotes from our illustrious Attorney General furthering the political divide with irresponsible rhetoric about conservatives, pro-lifers, and guns.

Photo credit Fredrik Walloe


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