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The Muslim Tet Offensive: Coming to a city near you

Protesters with poster of ousted Egyptian President Morsi in Maadi Cairo Sep 2013

Allowing Muslim “refugees” into western countries—refugees who are primarily male Muslims of fighting age—is simply beyond comprehension and logic. Yet Europe, Canada, Australia, and America, are allowing these people to enter by the tens of thousands.

I believe, with facts to back it, that an Islamist Agenda was put in place in these countries long ago, and these “armies” of Islam, i.e. “refugees”, fit nicely into their agenda. With radicalization going on in mosques in every western country, including America, the timing is ripe for a Tet Offensive.

Well over 2 million Muslims go to Hajj each year. It’s a massive, well-coordinated “travel event” that takes months of planning and coordination. Ferry boats and other ships, normally used for Hajj, were used to transport the first massive waves of “refugees” to Greece from Turkey. These “refugees” were then shuffled onto trains and buses, which were also well organized and waiting, and which took the “refugees” to Germany, France and elsewhere in Europe. The first wave of refugees was sudden and quite thorough. It was an organized Hajj-like invasion.

I believe it was a well-planned event to place thousands of “Soldiers of Islam” into western countries. This massive wave of refugees caught everyone off guard–no one knew it was coming–except for those that participated in the planning (like Turkey, who had ships ready and waiting). Another clue is that most of the first wave of “refugees” had no ID at all. I’m convinced the majority of them were not Syrian. And recent news has it that the bulk of the second wave of refugees had faked IDs. Yet another clue that these were not Syrian refugees either.

ISIS training camps have been “specializing” in suicide bombings for more than a year. There are training camps in many places, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and Sinai, to name a few. And though all ISIS members are taught suicide bombing as part of their training, there has been a major focus this last year to train women and children, both girls and boys, for suicide attacks. This means that even women and children “refugees” are a very high security risk. Why suicide bombings? Because suicide bombings kill the most people. And women and children are least likely to be suspected—they can easily enter a mall or shopping center—even a school, without being suspicious.

10% of Tunisians who joined ISIS in Syria were women–the percentage from other countries is probably similar. The estimated number of foreign fighters who went to Syria this last year is between 50-75,000.

ISIS released videos on their social media on December 4, 2015 showing children beheading prisoners, participating in martial arts training, and learning how to operate AK-47’s. They were also shown being taught to recite the Quran, and when they recited it well, these children were rewarded by being allowed to execute and behead prisoners. I’ve reported on the “Caliphate Cubs” on several occasions. These children are not Syrian, they are primarily Chechyan, Afghani, Pakistani, Algerian and Tunisian–whose Islamist parents have sent them to the ISIS camps. When these Caliphate Cub training camps first started up, the goal stated on ISIS social media was to have “future generations” trained and ready to fight the west. In this way ISIS will always have an army ready in the wings. I believe these training camps have most definitely trained some of the “refugees”.

Western Intel knows all this, yet the “refugee” invasion in western countries continues. And though many states in America have passed regulations in an attempt to stop the refugee influx into their state, there is a Federal Law that allows up to 50,000 refugees–so they will come–and they will be bussed to various cities and states without your knowledge. They are definitely coming to a city near you.

A report released December 8, 2015 stated that the number of ISIS and other foreign Islamists in Syria have more than doubled in the past year. The report highlighted “the global dimension of the conflict”. It is “global” because between 27,000 and 31,000 Islamic mercenaries from 86 different countries have travelled to Syria during this last year. The report stated that about 5,000 Islamist mercenaries made their way to Syria from Europe and around 4,700 from Russia.(1) In October, 2015, Russia’s president Putin announced that between 5000-7000 Russians travelled to Syria to join ISIS. Putin is involved in ending Islamic terrorism because Islamic terrorism threatens Russia. More on Russia later.

Here’s a frightening fact: Up to 30 percent of these Islamist terrorists returned to their home countries, that includes Europe and Russia. Let that number sink in. ** With the U.S. visa waiver system, anyone from Europe can enter the US—and probably has during this last year or so. We are talking about large numbers of well-trained “refugees”, but also mercenaries from Europe who can enter the US easily, and probably Canada and Australia, too. America has been “primed” for a Muslim Tet–via the Muslim Brotherhood

My life was about as perfect as a person’s life could be when all of a sudden, the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt and began inflicting a life of terror. They were well prepared and had a well-orchestrated plan. I remember telling American friends that it seemed like millions of Islamists “came out of the woodwork—they were everywhere”. Police weren’t prepared for it, in fact, police and police stations were also attacked, totally disabling civilian safety. Meanwhile, the western press lied about ongoing events and turned it around by saying the violence was conducted by the “regime”. This was a blatant lie, created and promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Western media, via the MB, did not want Americans to know that the MB were conducting violent attacks on civilians.

Western media continues to lie about the MB

Has the media ever reported that the “massacres” allegedly conducted by Hafez al-Assad (father of Bashar al-Assad) were in areas held by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, areas in which the MB began conducting violence and terror? As in Egypt, Syria banned the Muslim Brotherhood for a good reason: the MB has a long history of promoting violence as a means to their end—their end goal being the spread of Islam and the enforcement of Islamic Law. The so-called “massacres” conducted by the “government” was MB terror attacks and violence that ended in the MB holding entire towns hostage for days, some times as long as a month, before security forces were able to rescue the towns and the civilians.

The history of MB violence and terrorism in Algeria, Libya, Egypt and Syria is extensive, too extensive to list here, but one example in Syria occurred in June of 2011 in the town of al-Shugour (as in Egypt—it was portrayed as a conflict by people who wanted democracy—a lie). While the Islamist propaganda machine has you believing it was a “massacre” conducted by the government, the opposite was true: 120 security officers and a number of civilians lost their life in an MB siege. Most of the residents fled when the violence first erupted (they know what happens when the MB take a town), but those remaining were caught in the battle between MB and security police. MB members were initially able to overrun the town because they used stolen government vans and were wearing military uniforms (also stolen). This exact type of situation has happened a few times in Egypt. This is a strategy of theirs, to use security or military uniforms to fool civilians when they begin their siege. It allows them to make their first move without hindrance.

The Syrian MB began by ambushing police stations and a military security post. The military post was fired upon for hours and eventually taken over when the MB brought in a truck full of explosives to further their assault. Overwhelmed by firepower and home made bombs, the military personnel eventually surrendered—but every single one of them was executed by the MB. It was a slaughter. A “massacre”. The MB then set the town’s farmland on fire in an attempt to prevent army troops from entering. The army had been called in to try to rescue the town and its civilians, who were being held hostage.

As mentioned, similar attacks have occurred in Egypt. MB often attack police or security stations. As in Syria, this has been ongoing since 2011, since the so-called Arab Spring–which was in truth, an Islamist Spring. In one such instance, Egyptian MB went on a rampage that lasted days. They attacked Christian villages, destroyed more than 80 churches, some were historical and rich with antiquities, dating to the 4th century. Christian homes and businesses were torched.

In another rampage, they attacked police stations throughout Egypt. At one police station, the MB tortured ten policemen, disemboweling several of them while alive, causing them a horrific, slow death. The MB filmed the disembowelments and posted it on YouTube. Yet western media never reported any of these ongoing events, and instead, when security police were finally able to end the siege, western media reported these events as “massacres” committed by the Egyptian “regime”. Another blatant lie, with video to prove it.

Western media often takes statements directly off the Muslim Brotherhood’s English website. That is why you see the same exact words used for the conflict in Egypt and Syria: the “regime” committed “massacres”. Yet the western media never backs this rhetoric with any details or facts–that’s because these statements are lies, spread by MB propaganda statements.

For many years, the MB had been promoting the idea that they were “reformed” and “peaceful”. That they were now “moderate”. Sadly, Egyptians fell for it and allowed MB numbers to grow. This led to something similar to the “Tet Offensive”, when Viet Cong placed themselves in many cities in preparation of coordinated attacks — attacks that no one expected or were prepared for. As I described, the MB “came out of the woodwork — they were everywhere”. In the Viet Nam Tet Offensive, the communists launched a well-coordinated wave of attacks, in more than 100 towns and cities. This is what I think may happen in America if we don’t become aware of the Islamist Agenda, place by the MB in America. And now with the influx of “refugees”, who will immediately find their way to a MB radicalized mosque, we will have a Tet Offensive going off in every state in America.

Since Russia joined the Syrian War against the Islamist take over, fewer Syrians now want to leave Syria. There has been an increase in volunteers in the National Defense Forces and Syrians in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon are anxious to return home. Some of the youngsters in camps, now of fighting age, have gone back to fight the Islamists. Over a million displaced Syrians have already returned to their homes since Russia joined Syria in its efforts to rid the country of Islamist terrorists. As villages are rescued from ISIS and other Islamist groups, Syrians return to their land. If the Islamists are expelled, Syrians will have no desire to leave their homeland. The “refugee” crisis would end immediately. Yet, the Obama admin continues to promote an Islamist takeover. And he continues to rush the “refugee” invasion into America.

During the first week of October, when Russia first joined Syria’s fight against the Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood organization CAIR met with White House officials and advised them to launch a ground war in Syria to counter Russian involvement. Then CAIR, along with the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), a powerful arm of the MB political party and who defends violent jihad, and ISNA (more on ISNA in part two), held a press conference in front of the Russian Embassy in Washington DC. These MB organizations condemned Russia’s involvement. This is because the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood wants Syria to be an Islamic Law state.

CAIR has organized several Syrian-related events that protest Russia’s fight against terrorism in Syria. But the participants in these “Syrian” events are not Syrian Americans. Why don’t Syrian Americans show up for these CAIR sponsored events? Because the Syrian people absolutely do not want an Islamic takeover, and they are fully aware of the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood (whether Egyptian, Syrian or American). The overwhelming majority of Syrians are in full support of Russia’s help in preventing an Islamist takeover.

Who joined CAIR at the DC event? The Syrian-American Council (SAC), a US-front group for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood wants an Islamic Law state, as the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood did in Egypt. Since the Syrian American Council (SAC) is a Muslim Brotherhood group, it has no support from Syrian Americans. Yet guess what? Western media picked up the stories and promoted the idea that Syrians want Assad taken out. A blatant lie, and obvious pro-Muslim Brotherhood propaganda.

In October Obama allowed these MB groups into the White House to discuss military action in Syria. Military action that would support the Syrian MB and other Islamist groups in their goal of an Islamist takeover. Military action in Syria, via Obama’s orders, will most definitely be pro-Islamic. Turkey is also backing the Islamist groups. And guess who has a strong presence and influence in Turkey? The Muslim Brotherhood.

Most of you probably remember the Muslim terrorist attack on the school in Russia, but here’s a recap because I think America should prepare for scenarios like this for when the Muslim Tet hits America.

Around 30 heavily armed Muslims attacked a school in Beslan, Russia in 2004. They arrived in faked police vans to avoid suspicion. More than 1000 people, 777 children, were held hostage for three days. An explosion in the school marked the beginning of the siege. And the Muslims had booby-trapped the school so that when security police arrived, security police would be hit with explosives. A gun battle followed, and after a 10-hour fight, 385 people were killed, mostly children. Many children were raped and tortured while being held hostage.

Muslims are well-known for using children as shields and hostages. It’s a tactic they’ve used often in Israel and Egypt. And please note that the Muslim terrorists used a “police van”. I mentioned how this same strategy is used in Syria and Egypt. It is a strategy that works because civilians normally trust security and police and it’s an easy way for Muslims to gain entrance to soft targets.

Russia has seen Islamic Terrorism and calls it what it is. What does Obama do as Syria is being taken hostage by Islamist terrorists? He greets the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House to discuss boots on the ground to fight Russia so that the Islamists can take Syria. And immediately following the October meeting, another propaganda campaign followed: statements that Russia wasn’t targeting ISIS—a blatant lie, as I have shown repeatedly in my Syrian updates.

In coordination with the MB meeting at the White House, on October 5th, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood made a statement, that western media picked up, stating that they were fighting a “military occupation” in Syria. By now, hopefully most of you know that this is the MB propaganda machine in action—yet the western media continues to quote them. There is no “military” occupation in Syria. The Syrian National Forces consists of all sectors of society. The people themselves are fighting the Islamists. Yet the media continues to pick up Muslim Brotherhood propaganda and quote them.

Did the media ever tell you about the terror events in Syria at the hands of MB? Or when MB in Egypt were conducting their acts of terror on civilians and police? No they did not. In fact, during the worst months of violence in Egypt, the media continued to report that MB were “peaceful”. And worse, they reported that it was the MB who were attacked by “regime” forces. Lies. As in Syria, the Egyptian army consists of Egyptians from all walks of life. Every family has a son in the army. There were no “regime” forces.

Part of the Syrian MB’s statement to America included this lie: “We, the Syrian Brotherhood, stress that this is blatant aggression against our country and it places Russia as the criminal regime’s direct partners in the killing of our people and the destruction of our country.” The only people destroying Syria are the Islamists—of which the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood belongs.

Meanwhile, thanks to MB propaganda and their deeply embedded reach into American society and our government, the refugees are still coming into America. Undocumented refugees are being shipped to various states via UPS cargo ships as I write this. Prepare yourself for the Muslim Tet Offensive.

They will target soft targets, groups of unarmed civilians, at parties, malls, sporting events. Suicide bombing is taught at training camps, and suicide attacks are preached on many Islamist Internet sights because suicide bombings kill the most people in a single attack. But as in Egypt, Syria, Libya and elsewhere, they will also form militia groups and target police. And they will target children–they will hit us where it hurts most.

Stay tuned, Part Two includes how we were set up for a Tet and why.

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Cheri Berens

Cheri Berens

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.

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