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This year in review, originally posted August 3, 2015

Obama said…

“…from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America…”

Who knew the gravity of what he was saying? Of what he meant?

Forget, for the moment, all of the very in-your-face-policies this President has introduced or forced on us that have failed miserably. Let’s look at the effect this president and his extreeeeeemely corrupt administration have had on the youth of this nation.

On campuses across the country we have seen unrest like never before. I know, some of you are going to say, “What about the hippies and the 60’s, Joe?” But, hey, the 60’s was about protesting war and more love for each other.

Today, it’s about word games and attacks on any norm of the day. Words like marriage, man, woman, girl, boy, and senior citizen are under attack. No, I’m not kidding.

Kids on campus can tell you the definition of cisgen but have no clue when the United States gained independence as a country, when we fought that war, and who it was against!

The mentality has become “what’s in it for me” instead of “what’s good for all.” History, optimism, and the American Dream is apparently no longer taught on our college campuses. It has been replaced with classes, seminars, and entire weeks focused on sexual orientations, social microaggressions, white privilege, only black lives matter, and every other manner of political correctness.

Many professors in mainstream colleges are so intent on making white people feel bad about what has been done in the name of “whiteness” and making sure they know about their “white privilege” that they fail teach the subjects they were hired to teach. One actually said, “This won’t end until all old, white men are dead.” Naw… that won’t spark any racist issues on campus, will it?

We can’t say things like, “If you work hard, you can be anything you want to be in this country.” Why? According to one well-educated professor, because that will offend African Americans. Not Asians, Italians, or Mexicans? Nope. Just African Americans! SERIOUSLY?! Isn’t that a racist comment in and of itself? Aren’t you saying African Americans aren’t smart enough? Or maybe it’s just that “the man” will keep them down? How does apply to Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, Gen. Collen Powell, Ms. Condoleezza Rice, Ms. Oprah Winfrey, and Mr. Sean Combs? They weren’t kept down. And what about these multi-billionaires: Michael Jordan, Mohamed Ibrahim (cell phone company CEO), Michael Lee-Chin (investment firm CEO), Ursula Burns (Xerox CEO, apparently they only care about how much green this black woman can bring in!)

Did you know the first female self-made millionaire was a black woman? And at a time when most were lucky to make a week’s pay cleaning houses? Sarah Breedlove, also known as Madam C.J. Walker, experienced hair loss at an early age. In just 12 years, she developed a haircare salve and turned a job as a washer earning $1.50 per day into a hair-care empire. As if that weren’t impressive enough, prior to her death in 1919, she put her money to good use actively supporting anti-lynching campaigns and forwarding black education.

Apparently, if you work hard, you can be anything you want to be… including a millionaire! I can post another 100 stories about men and women who are home-grown success stories. But most people prefer to buy the spoon-fed garbage the mainstream media gives them.

They want us to stop using phrases like “melting pot” or “the most qualified person should get the job.” These are somehow derogatory? Melting pot was understood to mean all were welcome and would fit in together to make a better country (legally). And do you REALLY not want the most qualified person when it comes to hiring airplane pilots, doctors, or lawyers?

Some colleges, like the University of New Hampshire, have now created a list of commonly used words and phrases that are “problematic.” They say the term “American” is a problem because it infers that America is the only country on this continent. To the rest of us, it simply means the country we know as the United States. Loons!

They prefer we use “European American” instead of “Caucasian” because all whites are from Europe, right? You know, like all blacks are from Africa… oh wait, maybe not!

“Mothering” and “fathering” are offensive because people must “avoid gendering a non-gendered activity.” Should kids now say Parent One and Parent Two?

“Homosexual” is “an outdated clinical term considered derogatory and offensive by many gay and lesbian people.” The school administration thinks “Same Gender Loving” should be used instead. (Are they still allowed to say “gay” and “lesbian”? Because they just did!)

“Senior citizen” is bad, but “people of advanced age” is good. Who decided this? Did they take a poll of senior citizens? Did they reach out to the gay and lesbian groups or did they at least call the NAACP and ask if blacks were offended by the terminology? No. Of course they didn’t because like their leaders and saviors, these hard-core, Left groups, are the PC police. They see themselves as the keeper of the First Amendment rules and enforcement, so they can just change the rules as they go along.

But don’t ask them about basic American History!

The loons are running the asylum. Professors on the far Left and many of those in education that push socialism feel empowered by their socialist leader Mr. Obama to be able to push this line of thinking on trusting, impressionable students.

Some of you on the Left are proud that these young men and women (or whatever they want to be called, I’m sure I just insulted about half of them) are trying to do away with supposedly old, outdated terms. But with all the things our young people are facing after college… lack of jobs, high cost housing, mega debt, mega taxation, and more why does it seem like all they’re learning in college is what to call the greeter at Walmart?

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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