So you want socialistic Utopian society?

Chinese Performers
Chinese Performers

So you want socialistic Utopian society where everyone is provided for, taken care of, and everything is equally distributed? Here’s another glimpse at what that looks like…

Pop stars in China are being reigned in. No more partying, reveling, and bad behavior so often familiar with celebrities. No. That’s not allowed in China. In fact, media and entertainment organizations have signed a pledge, the “Joint Pledge of Self-Discipline in Professional Ethics.” Here’s a few of the highlights that their performers and employees must adhere to (or else!):

  • Support for the Communist Party’s leadership, the national interest and “socialist core values.” (Dissent is not allowed. Kiss that free speech goodbye.)
  • No behavior (pornography, drugs, or gambling) that “violates morals or public order.” (I’m sure there are plenty more spelled out in their Pledge!)
  • Promote “healthy” and “advanced” aesthetics. (Your guess is as good as mine on this one!)

Violators will be blacklisted for up to 3 years. No. There’s no legal recourse. This is all laid out by the government. It’s the law!

And if that’s right up your alley, the good news is, there are flights going to China all the time. Feel free to catch one. Enjoy the ride! Don’t bother to write. The rest of us over here in the Land of the Free know how that story ends. That’s why we’re still here!

Read the full account at Economist.

Photo credit Garry Knight

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