Sen. Jeff Sessions proves Americans have NO IDEA how to vet refugees

Senator Jeff Sessions, Alabama
Senator Jeff Sessions, Alabama

Wanting to slow down the flood of refugees arriving in the United States isn’t just a bunch of fear-mongering, selfish, bigoted elites trying to prevent helpless orphans and widows from reaching our shores… it’s a legitimate concern based on historical evidence… we need to have a process in place to ensure the safety of American citizens. Andrew Mark Miller over at YoungConservatives reports:

Despite the fact that FBI Director James Comey has admitted that the United States can not properly vet refugees coming from Syria, President Obama continues to lecture the nation about how we should let them in anyway because it’s racist not to.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions has been an outspoken critic of the left’s backwards policies on immigration, specifically as it relates to Syria.

Miller has consolidated a list of 15 examples from 2 different sources proving that our federal government failed to vet refugees who were later linked to terrorism. Take a look at YoungConservatives.


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