School bans stormtrooper’s rebel blaster

Star Wars, StormTroopers
Star Wars, StormTroopers

The PC Police are out in force. This time, a Star Wars stormtrooper wielding a rebel blaster is the problem (rather than a Pop Tart chewed into the shape of a gun!)

Yes, only in the Politically Correct States of America can a child receive a dress code violation for wearing a PICTURE of an imaginary character, carrying an imaginary weapon on his t-shirt because it’s too violent!

It’s STAR WARS! Every kid in America is excited about the new movie (and at least half the adults!) Wearing a t-shirt of stormtrooper (with or without a rebel blaster!) doesn’t mean you have violent tendencies… it means you have Star Wars tendencies!

Good grief! Can we just let kids be kids without all the political indoctrination?

H/T FoxNews

Photo credit taymtaym


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