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Saudi Arabia’s alleged “peace talks” a one-way, Islamist conference to conquer Syria

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Two days ago, after being invited by Saudi Arabia, hardline Islamist groups like Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham, of which US-backed rebel groups have recently joined (these are now “coalitions” of Islamist groups), went to Saudi Arabia’s “Riyadh Conference”, allegedly to have “peace talks”. Western media reported it as if the leaders of these extremely violent groups were “representatives” in peace talks.

I’ve been reporting on the Syrian War since it began in 2011, groups like Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham target civilian villages and towns, to take and control more territory. When they take a village or town, they immediately enforce Islamic Law on the civilians. They’ve committed beheadings, crucifixions, amputations and rapes. Their goals are Islamic Law and a Caliphate.

Western media used phrases like: “Representatives will attempt to agree a common position from which to negotiate with the government of Bashar al-Assad.” What lies!

Yesterday, the day after the “Riyadh Conference” these same “opposition” groups, supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, have begun to enforce Islamic Law in northern Aleppo. What kind of “peace” is this? And if these were “peace talks” why was no one representing the current government in Syria invited? The current government consists of several parties, Democratic, Kurdish, etc. Why were none of those invited? This was a one-way, Islamist conference with the goal of conquering Syria.

The US labels these groups as “opposition” to Assad and therefore usually labels them as “moderate”. There is nothing moderate about these Islamist groups. There is not one “moderate” group involved in the “opposition”. Not one. They are all hardline Islamists forcing Syria to become an Islamic Law state.

Also yesterday, several reports came in stating that Qatar has delivered 20 U.S. TOW missiles to al-Qaeda in Syria (with whom US-backed “Free Syrian Army” has joined). This is right after US-led air strikes hit a Syrian military base. The US is obviously involved in the Islamist takeover of Syria.

This morning, Ahrar al-Sham, one of the “peace-talkers” at the Riyadh Conference, issued a statement stating a list of demands and their objective in Syria. Their main points in the statement are: “Our aim is to free Syria from occupation… To dissolve all national military in Syria; to keep only the Islamic Identity in Syria… We do not accept anything but these conditions.”

Meanwhile, as mentioned, yesterday they took northern Aleppo, and began enforcing Islamic Law. Of course there is the usual, men must grow beards, women must be veiled. Some of the laws they posted included segregation of teachers in classrooms (i.e. male teacher cannot teach females and vice versa), and of course, students themselves are segregated by sexes. Females, even the young, must be fully veiled or be punished severely.

I’m sick of the US media using the words “opposition” groups or “rebel” groups. These Islamists are primarily foreign mercenaries (not Syrians) who are invading Syria and forcing Islamic Law on the Syrian people. They are not “Syrian” rebels, nor are they “opposition” groups wanting democracy. They are Islamists who are trying to take full control of Syria and enforce Islam. (Editor: emphasis added)

Also in northern Aleppo, they posted that “An Islamic Committee for Vice and Virtue will enforce Islamic Laws”. These are Islamic Police and are truly terrifying. I have friends in Aleppo. I fear for them.

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Cheri Berens

Cheri Berens

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.

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