Restricting immigration to protect US citizens is not offensive, it’s smart

James Madison, President, Founding Father
James Madison, President, Founding Father

President Obama claims that restricting immigration in order to protect national security is “offensive and contrary to American values.” No-limits liberals have attacked commonsense proposals for heightened visa scrutiny, profiling, or immigration slowdowns as “un-American.”America’s Founding Fathers, I submit, would vehemently disagree.

America’s Founding Fathers, I submit, would vehemently disagree.

Our founders, as I’ve reminded readers repeatedly over the years, asserted their concerns publicly and routinely about the effects of indiscriminate mass immigration. They made it clear that the purpose of allowing foreigners into our fledgling nation was not to recruit millions of new voters or to secure permanent ruling majorities for their political parties. It was to preserve, protect, and enhance the republic they put their lives on the line to establish.

Read the full article by Michelle Malkin at NationalReview. It’s eye-opening and is a good history reminder. In fact, read it to your kids (repeatedly). They need to know this information. The preservation of our Republic depends on it.

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