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Last week we had what some are calling the second worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11. I say some because, at the time of this writing, I am still waiting for most of mainstream, left-leaning media to call it what it is… an attack by extreme religious Muslim terrorists. Period!

What are they waiting for? They had no problem calling it an attack by three white guys in ski masks. Then it was workplace violence because one of the shooters supposedly got into a fight with co-workers and then came in, on the “spur of the moment,” murdering 14 people and injuring another 21. And then we heard that it might have been conservative, gun-toting, Christian nutjobs!

ALL of that speculation was A-OK with little to no information. But when Syed Farook was the first suspect name released, NOT one of the mainstream morons would say “maybe we have a terrorist issue, maybe they killed in the name of Islam.” WHY? Why is it OK to assume it’s always the white, Christian, conservative Republican? Why? Because we don’t behead, kill, stone, or throw gay people off buildings. We don’t walk up to you and shoot you in the head because you can’t recite a verse from the Bible.

Do we have the occasional nutjob? YES!!!! God yes!!! But we come out in numbers to speak against them. Where are the “numbers” of moderate Muslims speaking out against this?

The PC police have made sure that you feel bad, not only about being white but, if you even have a thought about it being a Muslim-backed or Muslim-based terror attack simply because they’re from the Middle East, their name is Mohammed, or they have a Quran then you’re a “hater” and must be silenced.

As much as the mainstream media were tripping over themselves not to call it a terror attack, even though everything pointed to it, can you IMAGINE what would have happened if, when the police entered the home, they found a Bible and scriptures on the walls? Every station (except FoxNews) would have been talking about the Christian terrorists. No doubt in my mind.

To all you Progressive “Lefties” who love to blame everything on Conservatives, shame on you. YOU have the blood of 14 innocent murdered people on your hands. You have responsibility for the 21 wounded on your hands.

Two separate individuals, a delivery man and a neighbor, have stated that they saw very suspicious activity going on at the suspects’ residence and didn’t report it. Why? Because YOU, the PC pinheads, have convinced the weak of mind that they are racists or Islamaphobes for even considering it, even when common sense would draw that conclusion.

Shame on you for putting that on them. You blame the NRA president for promoting mass murder and have even lumped him in with some of the most notorious killers in America, yet you are willing to give a pass to those who say, “We hate Americans,” “We hate what you stand for,” “We hate your way of life and we will kill you every chance we get!”

You want to give them jobs, places to live, hugs, and love. Do it over there! Go to their country and help them. Show ISIS the love you speak of. Let me know how that works out for you.

Political correctness is a dangerous and deadly thing. Stop it. And stop it now. San Bernardino is a great community. People are just trying to live out the American dream. Look where political correctness got them!

The PC police have the blood of these and many more on their hands. How many times after these mass shootings have people said, “He was odd and sometimes very angry, but I didn’t think it was OK for me to report it.” Really? If you’re on a college campus, and you have an “odd duck,” and they go from zero to out-of-control in a few seconds, and you believe them to be capable of violence… REPORT THEM!

What’s really interesting is, there are many on the Left who have reported me to some of the organizations that I serve on as potentially dangerous to some groups because I don’t fall in line with their beliefs. They have no problem reporting me. They don’t like what I write… they report me. Those same hypocrites come unglued on me for calling out Bruce-Catlin Jenner for getting unearned awards or for calling out the Supreme Court on their rulings. Why? Because what I say might, just MIGHT cause someone else to behave violently, even though I repeatedly say violence is never the answer.

However, even after 14 people were murdered and 21 injured on our soil, even after 150+ were executed in Paris and others mowed down and blown up in the name of Allah, we still have to choose our words carefully so as not to offend moderate Muslims. Hypocrites! All of you who think that way are hypocrites. Equality my foot! You don’t want equality. You think of yourselves so highly that you believe you get to set the PC standards and the rest should fall in line! That’s not equality! That’s oppression! And I will never just “fall in line.”

Now Leftists have another ally in the White House, one that subscribes to using the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper because the only law that matters is what she says is law. Hey Loretta, here’s your first case to go after. Our U.S. Attorney General (AG), Loretta Lynch has said the Department of Justice (DOJ) will prosecute any Muslim bashing. In other words, if you say anything bad about Muslims the AG may step in. Forget local law enforcement. The AG knows better. And she wants you to call them directly! What about Christians? Jews? Blacks? The LGBTQ community? Can they also call the DOJ directly and be afforded the same protections?

Mr. President, your true colors are becoming brighter and brighter. Your love for those of the Muslim faith and the Muslim community far outweigh your love for America and all Americans. You don’t even try to hide it anymore.

God save America. And yes Virginia, there is a God and He’s not Obama!

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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