Obama says Charlie Brown Christmas is about loving tiny trees

Charlie Brown Christmas Stamp with Linus
Charlie Brown Christmas Stamp with Linus

President and Mrs. Obama took time out to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in honor of this holiday classic’s 50th year. Reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas, they said this was the takeaway after watching the show:

… it teaches “us that tiny trees just need a little love and that on this holiday we celebrate peace on Earth and good will toward all.”

Painfully absent was any mention of Jesus, you know, the man on whom Christianity, and in turn Christmas, is based? Without Jesus’ birth, there would be no Christmas.

And while the show does mention peace on earth and goodwill… it isn’t the “meaning” of Christmas. Linus knew that. And so did everyone else after hearing his monologue. Well, everyone, apparently, EXCEPT the Obamas!

When was the last time anyone heard President Obama talk about Jesus in a biblical way? At Christmastime, it’s just a matter of respect, whether you believe or not.

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