Don’t ignore Bernie Sanders!

Bernie Sanders, Senator, Presidential Candidate, Democrat Socialist
Bernie Sanders, Senator, Presidential Candidate, Democrat Socialist

This year in review, originally posted July 31, 2015

DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DWS) may not want to talk about Sen. Bernie Sanders, but there’s plenty of people who do. He’s a self-proclaimed socialist. He makes no bones about it and openly espouses all the ideals that he believes in. You have to give him credit… he doesn’t seem to hold anything back. You may not like what he stands for, but at least you KNOW what he stands for and people like that.

Now DWS may think that it’s not relevant to ask (or explain) the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat, but she’s wrong. It’s very relevant… unless in her mind, there is not difference. And even THAT is relevant to the rest of us!

You can watch DWS’s very uncomfortable interview with Chris Matthews. Pay attention to her deflecting skills and attempts to spin all the questions away from socialist Bernie Sanders. She knows who her enemy target is… and it isn’t Bernie. It’s Republicans!

H/T TheBlaze and YouTube/WashingtonFreeBeacon

Photo meme credit Twitter/JohnEMichel



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