ICYMI: College unrest – Are students just pawns in a faculty game of war against the administration?

Playing Chess, Game
Playing Chess, Game

This year in review, originally posted November 20, 2015

First it was University of Missouri, then it was Ithaca College and Claremont McKenna College, now it’s Occidental College who’ve called for the resignation and/or removal of university leadership (presidents or deans). Solidarity protests have popped up all over the country and additional colleges are making their own “list of demands” to change the culture on campus.

Am I the only one wondering why these students chose to attend a college that didn’t “fit” them? Attendance at any college or university is completely optional. If they don’t like it… they can leave and choose to spend their money elsewhere. Yet another perk of a free society and capitalism.

Yet these folks decide the circumstance or culture is simply unbearable and must be changed, rather than find a school who’s culture fits their own. It’s just plain weird.

When I was in college, I had no idea who the president or dean was. I was busy studying, working 3 jobs, and simply trying to survive the workload. I didn’t have time to think about trivial things like who did or did not “like” me or whether or not I was “offended” by what they said about me. Those things did not matter. And those people did not warrant my attention. I had goals, and it didn’t involve changing someone else to fit my mold.

Do students really have the time or inclination to wage these wars against college administrations? I have to wonder if the students aren’t just pawns in a faculty game ginning up rhetoric to remove undesirable leadership. It wouldn’t be that hard for trusted professors to pour into a captive audience day in and day out about what “victims” to the system they are. Eventually, they may just buy the lies and manipulations and mobilize. Could that be what we’re seeing?

In these recent protests, faculty always seems to come out in support of the students. They’re at the protests. They’re issuing statements of support, encouraging them, and applauding them. Maybe I’m wrong… but then again… maybe I’m not.

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