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Four days until Christmas. First day of winter. I love the smell of hot chocolate and cider, the sound of carols ringing from my CD player, and the lights people have displayed around the neighborhood.

How would you feel if suddenly that Christmas spirit was extinguished and you had no choice in the matter? Sure, that is happening in many places and even in some cities in the US where politically-correct fanatics are panicking over the use of “Christmas” trees and Nativity scenes. But in one little-known country, a tiny nation on the island of Borneo, surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea, the Grinch has visited them in the form of the Brunei government. Four days before Christmas, they have banned everything and anything resembling Christmas… oops, I mean the 25th of December. No festive greetings, no Santa Claus hats, no Christmas trees, no Christmas carols. Why? These celebrations could lead Muslims astray in their faith.

Oh, there’s some relief. The country’s non-Muslims, who comprise 32 percent of the 420,000 population, can celebrate Christmas in their own communities on the condition that the celebrations are not disclosed to Muslims. Oh joy! I’m sorry, then, the edict was just for Muslims. Guess they don’t want to be offensive way out there in the South China Sea either. Glad to know it doesn’t just happen out here in good old America, but in oil-rich island nations too.

If you disobey you face up to five years in jail. Ok then.

On that note, don’t be like Brunei or other Grinches around that try to spoil the holiday spirit. Whether you are religious or not, there are parts to Christmas, to winter, to the month of December, that are enjoyable, such as the giving of gifts, getting together with family, and eating wonderful food.

Have a merry Christmas, a happy holiday, and a blessed new year. And try to make someone smile this season.

Daily Mail UK helped contribute to the writing of this post. Thanks for the facts folks!

Melanie Grunwald

Melanie Grunwald

When not blogging or volunteering her time for conservative causes, she runs a home editing business and can be seen poring over various clients' documents as well as playing piano, making cards, and spending time with her family. She continues to educate herself on pivotal issues in the world since gaining her college degree and being raised in a military family, which taught her the value of dedication, hard work, and citizenship.

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