Why doesn’t Femen pull their topless stunts at Mosques?

Femen, Vatican, video still
Femen, Vatican, video still

Women from the feminist activist group known as “Femen” staged another display, this time at the Vatican. Topless, in mini-skirts, using crucifixes in lewd acts, with “POPE” written across their chest, they chanted out in Vatican Square. You know… the place where religious folks come to catch a glimpse of the Pope. It’s a family place. It’s a Holy place. But not that day.

These women are disgusting. They have ZERO respect for other people’s beliefs. In fact… they have ZERO respect for themselves. It’s not like they’re protesting to allow women to go topless in public (because that would make sense with their “display”.) Their goal is shock and awe.

So what are they trying to attract attention to? They say it’s because they want the Pope and the Vatican to stay out of public policy regarding homosexuality and abortion. Because nothing says that like bare breasts and humping a crucifix? I don’t think so.

But let’s just assume for the moment that that really is the reason they are staging these outrageous 1/2 naked protests. Catholics aren’t the only ones who influence public policy regarding homosexuality and abortion. How about all those Muslim countries? It’s not just a religion, it’s a full on culture that encompasses governmental structure. Shouldn’t they be targeting that religious groups as well?

Muslims are growing in numbers throughout Europe (where Femen predominately stages their protests.) Shouldn’t they be concerned about the growing population who will most certainly be exerting public policy influence? You know they will. They already are!

I think it’s high time those activists over at Femen take their 1/2 naked vulgar displays to the growing Muslim population and make their voices heard… before it’s too late! I’m sure that will go over well (NOT!) The police would be the LEAST of their concerns!

So why DON’T they stage displays at Mosques and in Muslim communities? You know as well as I do why they don’t. Fear. Sheer fear. Muslim countries don’t let women drive, let alone speak their mind or run around 1/2 naked in public (which is probably punishable by public execution!)

Why do they do it in Catholic venues? Because there’s ZERO chance that their life is in danger.

It’s not really about a homosexual or abortion agenda/cause. Because if it were, Muslims and Jews would also be their targets. But they’re not. Muslim, Jew, and Christian doctrines all agree in their stance against homosexuality and abortion. So it isn’t really about the causes. It’s really about getting attention for themselves. Won’t their families be proud?


Photo credit JewsNews


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