Which area is more in need of a “safe space”?

College, Classroom, NY University
College, Classroom, NY University

Which area is more in need of a “safe space”… a college campus or a neighborhood ruled by criminal gangs? Seems like a no-brainer, right? But the question is valid. As is the followup question… who’s interests to the social justice warriors stirring the pot all over the country really have in mind? Jason Whitlock at FoxSports writes:

The appropriate questions for the kids, the journalists and their white, liberal enablers/manipulators are: 1) Which area is more in need of a safe space, Mizzou’s campus or Lee’s neighborhood? 2) Why are liberals pouring the most energy and passion into policing the safest space? 3) Why have those same liberals declared war on the very people and profession (police) they call at the first sign of trouble in the most unsafe space?

It’s all enough to make you think they don’t really have the best interest of black folk in mind. Let me remind you again: In general, African-Americans are the most religious people in America. We are traditionally conservative, which does not mean Republican. The black church, where Father Pfleger serves, has always looked first to create safe spaces where black people live.

Read the full article here at FoxSports.

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