This is what a REAL Democrat looks like…

Carlyle Begay, Arizona, State Senator, video still
Carlyle Begay, Arizona, State Senator, video still

TruthRevolt reported the recent party defection of a now-former Democrat. We don’t see sitting politicians jump the aisle very often, however, this senator re-evaluated his constituency’s priorities and made the change.

United States senator’s John McCain and Jeff Flake welcomed Arizona state senator Carlyle Begay to the Republican Party Monday as he announced his switch.

“With an open mind and heart, I clearly see the Republican Party is a party of progress, a party of hope, a party of opportunity and moving forward — my party,” Begay said.

I often say that today’s Democrat looks nothing like the Kennedy Democrats of the 1960’s. Their values and platform are very different, with today’s Dem swinging FAR to the Left. Apparently, the Arizona state senator felt the same way.

Regardless of his political affiliation, it’s nice to see a representative actually REPRESENTING his constituency rather than just towing the Party line. And you can believe he was under some serious pressure to tow that line before jumping ship!

Read the rest at TruthRevolt for an explanation about why he made the change.

Photo credit Carlyle Begay


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