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Spotlight on coordinated intelligence sharing

And now we hear, Turkey advised France of concerns surrounding at least one of the Paris attackers before the attack.

“The case…clearly establishes that intelligence sharing and effective communication are crucial to counter-terrorism efforts. The Turkish government expects closer cooperation from its allies in the future.”

In a speech at the G20 summit on Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged deeper intelligence sharing among those in attendance.

But even if information is shared, received, and considered useful and valid, one still has to wonder, what can and would be done with it? Deportation? Detention? Or at a minimum, monitoring of activities?

Regardless of what actions would follow the intelligence, it’s better to have more information than less. Allies need to be working together. If the UN isn’t facilitating this effort, what good are they? Defund and disband.

Read the full story at MSN

Photo credit Jeffrey Beall

Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

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