Selfie Photo Gaffe Turns Viral

K. Okawa
Bokeh/Go-Pro Lens

Those Irish…they aren’t just known for their accents and their beer. One will be remembered for taking pictures with the camera in selfie mode the entire time without realizing the gaffe.

Then he thought he was taking pictures of the scenery of Las Vegas. His kind son lent him his GoPro for his vacation. Great selfie pictures of the first day but alas, the dad then bumbled again.

He used the camera to take photos while swimming and forgot to use the waterproof case. It fried up! No more Gopro.

I bet that’s the last time the son lends his dad something, or better yet, he’ll make sure his dad knows the ins and outs of any sort of contraption! Got a lot of laughs 🙂

See the viral Youtube video here.

Photo Credit K. Okawa

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