School artwork depicts GOP as knife-wielding terrorists, raving lunatics & molesters

Cornell University
Cornell University

CampusReform reports on Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR):

As part of an event on diversity and inclusion in the labor movement, professors at Cornell University displayed cartoons depicting Republicans as knife-wielding terrorists, raving lunatics, and even molesters.

So let’s think about this a second… it’s considered “diversity and inclusion in the labor movement” to EXCLUDE Republicans by vilifying them with vile, untrue depictions? Oh sure, that sounds like “inclusion,” as long as you fit their “labor” mold, which, clearly, Republicans do not.

If they were serious about diversity and inclusion, they would have included conservative images as well as liberal images. But they didn’t.

It’s a shame. The labor movement used to be about the workers. But now it just seems to be an arm of the Democrat Party intent on securing future Democrat voters. No integrity required.

You can read the full story and view some of the images on CampusReform.

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