Personhood: When a 6-day-old baby isn’t a person…


This week, a conviction was overturned for a mother who “murdered” her 6-day-old baby. New York Court of Appeals rules… it’s not a PERSON! REALLY?!! What were they trying to keep alive for 6 days if it wasn’t a person?! PubliusForum reports:

it is a horribly cold, heartless–yes, even inhuman–thing to say that a baby that can be born alive through medical technology doesn’t count as a “person.”

This law essentially says that a human is not a “person” until they pass through the portal of birth, as if the birth canal itself bestows “personhood” on human beings. This is such an arbitrary and silly claim that it makes a mockery of the law not to mention belittles life itself.

The idea that you are not a person on one side of the birth canal but you are on the other is absurd–especially in light of the capabilities of modern medicine.

This case lays bare the illogic of proclaiming that a human doesn’t count as a person until it clears the birth canal.

People, if your state is one of the ones working on a “personhood” law, GET INVOLVED! It’s important, for cases exactly like this one.

Photo credit Rick Bolin


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