No Passport for Terror

Passports for 20,000 Syrian refugees? Time to rethink that path after recent terrorist attacks abroad.

US Passport
US Passport

President Obama declared this week the US would let 20,000 Syrian refugees in but they would be vetted. Yea, right. That’s how terrorists get in…pretending to be someone else. And don’t you think the American people will have something to say about this, like they did when Obama wanted to grant amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants?

People from all nations and languages expressed outrage on the terror attacks that killed 130 people in Paris on Friday. International leaders began rethinking their policies regarding refugees and how to handle their own citizens who have traveled to fight with ISIS. At least two of the suspected terrorists in Friday’s attack had fought and trained with ISIS terrorists in Syria. What will Congress do to fight against them? What legislation can be used as ammo?

“One possibility is passing a bill Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) introduced in January, S. 247, the Expatriate Terrorist Act, which would strip Americans of their citizenship, and the rights associated therewith, if they voluntarily travel to foreign countries to train with terror groups, formally declare allegiance to a foreign terrorist organization, serve in the military of a foreign country hostile to the United States of America, renounce their United States citizenship, or commit treason against the United States. The bill also clarifies the situations in which a passport shall be denied a person associated with terrorist organizations. Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) introduced a companion bill with identical language in the House of Representatives, H.R. 503, in February, and both sit with few co-sponsors, awaiting congressional action.”

The President would be wise to listen to the PEOPLE, rather than HIS OWN ideas.

Quotes from an FRC email

Photo Credit Gary Dykstra


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