One Hundred and 52 Years Ago…

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

This week in 1863 Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. We all know the first part: “Four score and seven years ago…” but have we forgotten the rest?

He said that many brave had died, “that this nation, UNDER GOD, shall have a new birth of freedom…”

If Lincoln were here today do you think he would be shocked that many don’t want to be a nation under God? Do you think he would be surprised that our religious freedoms were being trampled in the way that they are? How would he feel about gay marriage, racism, increased violence and terrorist attacks dominating the news? Our nation has come a long way since that day 152 years ago when he sat on the ruins of the battlefield but that doesn’t mean we are beyond hope.

Whatever religion, whatever party–we need to unite together to save our country AND not forget God’s hand in it all, whether good or evil.

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