Israel Update: Cameras at Temple Mount, IDF Costumes at Wal-Mart, & UN Space Coalition

Soldiers, Israel Defense Forces
Soldiers, Israel Defense Forces

John Kerry recently visited Israel to talk about the increased violence and the status of the Temple Mount. Kerry insisted that the Palestinian leadership stop inciting violence. He also insisted that the status quo needs to be maintained. The problem with that is, Israel always maintains the status quo, it’s the the who Arabs continue to cause problems. Kerry also insisted that the violence will continue if there is no two-state solution.

Netanyahu does not approve a two-state solution. Netanyahu said in a much quoted interview on the eve of the March 17th election, that, “indeed,” no Palestinian state would be created under his leadership.

At his speech earlier this month to the Zionist Congress, which made headlines due to his assertion of the mufti’s influence on Hitler, Netanyahu once again laid out what he sees as the main reason for the stalemate. The Palestinians “don’t want a state to end the conflict because they want a state to continue the conflict and eradicate the Jewish state,” he declared. “This is what this conflict has always been about.”

Security cameras have been installed at the Temple Mount.

Wal-Mart caved in to Arab pressure and pulled Israeli Defense Force (IDF) costumes from its shelves. A committee called the ADC along with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, and US Palestinian Community network, made this false claim regarding the IDF:

“The Israeli forces are a symbol of violence and fear for Palestinians living under occupation, and Palestinians around the world whom have lost their homes and been victims of violence at the hands of soldiers. A symbol of fear, violence and a long history of dispossession should not be used for entertainment purposes. An Israeli soldier costume is highly offensive to Arab-Americans, particularly those who have had family members, including children, killed by Israeli soldiers.”

ADC also denounced the sale of “a variety of ‘Arab’ costumes,” which it said “can lead to hate crimes against Arab-Americans.”

And Israel, after 32 years of waiting, has finally been accepted into the UN space coalition.

Photo credit Israel Defense Forces


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