How many times is too many times to shoot a robber?

Masked Gunman, Airsoft, Paintball
Masked Gunman, Airsoft, Paintball

He was wearing a ski mask. He was holding up the store owner. He was wielding a gun. A concealed carry patron came to the rescue and shot him dead to stop the threat to the store owner. Chicago police say it’s an open and shut case saying the shooter acted appropriately. Turns out… the robber was a repeat offender.

Even though the gun was a paintball gun.

The robber’s (he is not a victim!) family members are furious. They don’t understand why the patron shot their father/son/uncle/brother so many times. SO MANY TIMES??? Instead of vilifying the person who defended the defenseless, how about you face facts about what your family member was doing?

FACT: He wouldn’t be dead if he weren’t breaking the law!
FACT: Even if it was a “prank” (as they claim), it was stupid, looked like a crime, and treated like a crime. There are consequences to bad judgement. And sometimes it gets you killed.
FACT: He’s not a victim. He’s a villain.

If the Chicago police, with some of the strictest gun laws in the country, are siding with the shooter… need I say more?

H/T FiscalConservatives and DailyCaller

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