Historic electoral losses of Democrat held seats under Obama

President Barack Obama, Caricature, Sunglasses
President Barack Obama, Caricature, Sunglasses

It’s no secret… the Party succeeds with a popular president. The flipside is also true with an unpopular president. And judging from the losses of Democrat-held seats across the nation, President Obama is not helping his Party. Breitbart reports:

“Since 2009 Democrats have lost a net of 13 senate seats and 69 house seats. Let’s put this in context. You have to go back to Eisenhower to match this many losses for a party that controls the White House.”

“Let’s go to the state level with President Obama under him Democrats have lost control of 12 governorship. Plus given up 30 state legislative chambers and over 900 state legislative seats. No administration since Nixon/Ford saw more governor and state legislative chamber losses in the president’s own party.”

Read the rest and watch the video report on Breitbart.

Photo credit Donkey Hotey


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