Halloween brought out some of the REAL Lib Loons!

A lot of you saw the posts on Facebook about a parent (don’t know if it was mom, dad, both or whatever) who asked other parents in the neighborhood not to exclude their child from Halloween. You see, their child has a peanut allergy and could get very sick simply from coming into contact with them.

The parents posted flyers around the neighborhood saying, “Attention parents: My son has severe allergies and comes home every year devastated that he can’t eat any candy he’s collected at your homes while trick-or-treating, Don’t exclude my child or any other child from the fun.”

Let me start by saying, it’s awful that he has a peanut allergy, BUT are we again and again and again going to stop doing these things to cater to the few? Parents could go through the bag at the end of the evening and separate out the candy. Or the parents of that child could go out and buy some acceptable treats for that child to have later on.

That child can enjoy the fun of the evening with his friends and when he gets home, his parents can take control, teach him that things are not always going to go his way or workout for him, and he needs to learn to adjust. That’s a great life lesson!

The parent’s flyer goes on to say, “Be a responsible parent and do not distribute candy that has nuts, gluten or dairy!”  Huh?! That’s almost ALL of them.

Isn’t this like them telling us how to raise our kids, what to feed them, or what’s bad for them according to another parent? Are they telling me I can’t decide what to feed my own child?

The parent suggests carrot sticks, Necco Wafers, Lifesavers, Lemon Drops, and raisins… Really? That’s it?

I remember, as a child, waiting all year for Halloween so I could go out and yell trick or treat, waiting, hoping and praying that I would get a nice big carrot from our neighbors! Don’t you remember that too? No. I’m sure you don’t. Neither do I.

Some of you are going to take this the wrong way, but we can’t always accommodate the few. In instances like this, it’s up to the parents of that child to be responsible. If there are 300 kids in that area and 5 have peanut allergies, are you really going to suggest that no one gets to have that kind of candy? Wow! I’m sure that will make those 5 kids feel really good to know they ruined it for everyone else. Or maybe their parents will just teach those 5 not to care because everyone else has to change for them?

Do these parents go to the movie theatre and call ahead to have them remove all the Paydays and Snickers from the candy window so their child won’t “feel bad”? Or do they do the right thing and simply explain to their child that they can have anything that doesn’t have peanuts? (Or gluten or dairy or ????) Isn’t this how you teach them to get along, how to survive?

We need to teach our kids to take care of themselves, to watch out for themselves, and be responsible for themselves. Not that others around them shouldn’t care about them or help out when they can but it starts with you taking care of yourself.

These same kids are the ones that grow up and want trigger rooms so they won’t be exposed to anything bad. Rather than staying on campus and needing a special room, just leave. Go home for the day if there is a rally or something else you don’t agree with.

These kids grow up to believe that if the course is too hard it should be softened up so they can get a better grade and not study so much.

These kids grow up to believe that as long as they try they should receive the same trophy as the kid who has been working out every day, skipping parties, movies, and other events so they can be the best at the sport they signed up for. Should we also do away with Olympic medals?

Do you want to grow a strong, independent child who will survive? Teach them how to care for themselves and to not expect every other person on the planet to make changes to accommodate them. It’s just not gonna happen.

When I talked about this and posted on my show this week, one Left-wing loon went nuts (not peanuts) calling me a child-hater. Isn’t that getting old? Is that all you guys have? Woman hater, homophobe, racist, bigot, white privileged. Talk about real name-calling haters! Here are a couple of excerpts from her rant to me:

…. something tells me that you’re going to hand out bags of Planters Nuts just to show kids that no one is going to tell YOU what to do! ….

…. YOU are one sick person to complain about a Mom who is just trying to keep her kid alive. It’s really no skin off your nose to just offer a safe treat but you had to post a complaint about it not just once, but TWICE! You have demonstrated time and time again that you are intolerant of kids that you don’t understand…..

In all fairness, I responded back in a very snarky manner because in past exchanges, I get no credit for trying to be nice with her so why bother. What made her think I wouldn’t offer a safe treat? I didn’t imply it anywhere. And she thinks because I don’t agree with the post it means I’m going to go out of my way to be mean about it? Just a reminder, it’s not our side that’s suing bakers and photographers for not getting what they want.

Sorry, but it’s not all about YOUR kids and YOUR parenting skills or lack of. It’s about what’s best for the greater good. If a few kids are left out, then we teach them or work with them to help them understand, rather than bringing things to a level that hurts more kids than it helps.

Teach your kids not to be a victim. Teach your kids that at times they will be in situations that don’t seem fair or don’t favor them. Teach them how to deal with it. You won’t always get your way or even what you need. But you can always make it through!


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