Feminists want govt to police ALL comments on social media

Big Brother, Spy, Surveillance, Watching
Big Brother, Spy, Surveillance, Watching

Feminist group wants Dept. of Education (DOE) to monitor social media to protect students from “threatening and offensive comments.” Threatening comments? Offensive comments? REALLY?!?

Here in the good ‘ole U. S. of A. we have that thing called the 1st Amendment. That means we have FREE SPEECH! There’s no “right” to not be “offended.”

So here’s the thing… if you’re on a social media site, like Yik Yak, where the comments are posted anonymously, and you don’t like the comments. Stop visiting the site.

Regarding those “threatening” comments… if the comments appear to be serious threats… notify the authorities.

Why do you need a government agency to regulate ALL conversation? Because you don’t understand those 1st Amendment freedoms that you’ve been given. Time to study your Constitution.

H/T CampusReform

Photo credit Lance Robotson


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