Circular Logic: College kids say 1st Amendment makes schools hostile & unsafe

University Of Missouri, Student VP, Video Still
University Of Missouri, Student VP, Video Still

Call it “circular logic,” “shooting yourself in the foot” or any other similar type of analogy. This is what college students are currently doing. They are out protesting the evils of the 1st Amendment. Think about it. Let that sink in…

Without the 1st Amendment, they would have no safety to protest.

Without the 1st Amendment, they could be subject to persecution, incarceration, or worse just for expressing a viewpoint!

But because they can’t handle someone with an opposing viewpoint, they say the 1st Amendment causes their campus to be “unsafe” and “hostile.”

Imagine college campuses without 1st Amendment protections. No more protests. No more rallies. No more petition gathering. No more debate. No more opinions. Instead, they will become institutions of indoctrination, because the only voice that would be permissible would be that of the Administration. Sounds like prison.

This is stupid going someplace to happen.

Think this isn’t real? Take a look. It’s happening on University of Missouri, Yale University, and Amherst College. You can be sure they aren’t the only ones.

H/T Mediate (part 1), FoxNews, Mediate (part 2)

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