Christians vs. Muslims? REALLY!

Christian, Muslim, Women, Stained Glass
Christian, Muslim, Women, Stained Glass

It seems like most articles written today mention how Christians are ignoring their terrible recent past where MANY Christians have killed in the name of their religion. I would call that a falsehood, but simply put… it’s a lie.

Years ago my wife and I took a parenting class. We had a “blended” home and wanted to learn how to parent effectively. In that class we learned about “deflection,” used expertly by teens far and wide. It does something like this, as you are correcting Little Johnny, he brings up the fact that Little Susie did something that you let her get away with. He is trying to deflect the heat off himself. In the class we learned the response should always be, “nevertheless, we are dealing with you” and don’t defend the intended deflection argument.

Many people claim to be Christian or to follow Christianity, yet they’ve never killed, maimed, raped, or otherwise injured others in the name of Christ or God. Never have I seen training videos of Christian camps teaching their children how to hate and kill others. Never have I seen Christians beheading others who don’t believe. Never have I seen Christians performing female genital mutilation in the name of God or yelling “Praise Jesus” while they are mowing down people in a mall or concert hall.

Yes, I have seen, heard, and read about some extreme Christian crazies (notice how I am not afraid of using the word “extreme” when needed) who blew up an abortion clinic because God hates abortion. Well, God does hate abortion, but He also hates blowing up clinics with innocent people in it. There are NO scriptures in the New Testament that call for this or any other kind of violence. The Bible actually states that “vengeance is mine says the Lord.” A true follower of Christ would leave it up to God, because He can do a much better job.

Those who argue that Christians have murdered more people than anyone will immediately throw out Timothy McVeigh’s name. You have to go back decades to find even that one. He grew up Catholic, as many of us did, and in an interview he stated, “I grew up Catholic as a young child, but never really practiced the religion.” He told the authors of “American Terrorist” that he “did not believe in Hell.” If there’s one tenet that’s consistent with Christian religions, it’s a belief in Hell—and Heaven, for that matter.

And then there are those who insist that Hitler was a Christian. Talk about reaching! He, too, grew up Catholic. But Hitler believed in Nazism. He believed, according to his book, that though there was evidence of a creator, ultimately, man and god became one. That’s not a Christian belief… at all! He thought he was doing the work of the creator by exterminating the Jews. How can that possibly be a Christian viewpoint when the Bible clearly states that Jews are God’s chosen people? It can’t.

I also love those who study nothing in the Bible but throw out-of-context Bible verses at a situation that has nothing to do with the verse. I recently saw one that showed little kids around Christians. The person alluded to the fact that people following Christ are ignoring Him if we don’t allow refugee children and women into our country. Where is that in the Bible exactly? Is it the verse where Christ says “that it would be better for a millstone to be put around your neck and be thrown into the sea than you hurt a little child?”

Let’s start off with the verse where Jesus talks about “rendering unto Caesar.” In other words, you obey the laws of the land! We have immigration laws! Then let’s talk about what Jesus really said because He has lots to say about social issues, like if a man won’t work he won’t eat! Like a working man is worthy of his wages (my Bible is not gender neutral, sorry). Give a man a fish he eats for a night, teach him to fish he can feed himself his family and maybe even his neighbors. (I added a few). Nothing really about handouts. Actually many time He uses the word “you”. YOU go and preach. YOU go and teach. YOU go and sin no more. Get the gist?

The acts of these individual, so-called Christian, idiot extremists don’t even espouse the mainstream belief of the religion they claim to follow. And in all cases, none of them yelled “God is great” in any language. If you add up 25 years of so-called killing in the name of Christ worldwide you can’t come near the number of those killed in the name of Allah in the last 2 years alone!

No one I know says ALL Muslims are bad or killers. No one! However, ALL Muslim extremists are bad and killers. They always kill in the name of Allah. They will NOT live peaceable with all men. TODAY they still stone women for being raped, throw gays off the roofs of buildings, light people on fire alive, and behead. Shall I go on? And all in the name of Allah.

Now some of you are going to say, Joe, they aren’t following the real teachings of their book just like you say Christian extremists don’t follow yours. You are correct! However, when a Christian does something stupid and horrible in the name of God or openly says it’s because of his/her religion, I and MANY others speak out against them. We have no problem because, though we believe in forgiveness, we also believe you pay for your crimes.
However where is the concentrated outrage of the REAL Muslims when the real hate is shown.

There have been 3100 people killed, in America, in the name of Allah and another 1700 who survived killing attempts by Muslim extremists on American soil from 1972 until July 2015.

I’m sorry, there’s no comparison. We need to be vigilant. And EVERYONE gets checked out before they come into our country!

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