80% of Churchgoers Want Pastors to Address Cultural Issues

Church, Winter
Church, Winter

From Focus on the Family:

“God’s People Want to Know.”

That’s the title of a new study directed by respected pollster Dr. George Barna, and conducted by American Culture & Faith Institute. Barna polled spiritually active, politically conservative and moderate Christians, and found:

“They are eager for their pastors to teach them what the Bible says about today’s social and political issues.”

The study tells us that members of congregations are hungry to learn from their pastors—and other church leaders—what the Bible says about today’s issues. In fact, more than 80 percent of the respondents thought it was extremely or very important for pastors to talk about cultural topics, such as:

Abortion and the Beginning of Life (91%);
Religious Persecution and Liberty (86%);
Poverty and the Church’s Response (85%);
Cultural Restoration (83%); and
Sexual Identity, Same-Sex Marriage, Transgenderism and LGBT Issues (82%).

At Focus on the Family, our goal is to help educate, equip and engage those in the pews—and in the pulpits—about these very issues.

For instance, we recently created a FREE resource that helps pastors and lay leaders deal with one of the most contentious matters facing believers today: homosexuality. Our guide, “Talking to Your Church about Homosexuality: A Guide for Pastors and Church Leaders,” helps:

Explain God’s wonderful design for human sexuality and marriage;
Encourage believers to stand courageously and lovingly as they engage the culture; and
Equip their church to extend grace and truth to men and women struggling with homosexuality.

If you’re a pastor or a church leader, we encourage you to join with us in sharing the truth about homosexuality. If you’re a church member who wants to learn what the Bible says about key concerns, let your pastor and other church leaders know about your desire to learn—and then share this free kit with them.

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