Zombies exist: NY spent $325,000 enrolling dead people in Obamacare

Tombstones, Graves
Tombstones, Graves

In a shocking (not really) report:

An audit by the State Comptroller’s Office has revealed that hundreds of dead people were enrolled in New York’s health exchange, with nearly two dozen of them enrolling after death.

Medicaid payments totaling over $300,000 were paid out to a majority of the deceased individuals.


A state audit Thursday found that New York’s health exchange enrolled hundreds of dead people at a $325,000 cost to taxpayers.

You can read the full account here on MentalRecession

It couldn’t be government waste… the only plausible explanation for the must be that zombies, too, are covered under Obamacare, right? Pretty much everyone else is.

Folks, this is your tax dollars hard at work. I mean, it can’t be easy insuring dead people. And imagine how hard it must be to actually give them a medical exam…

Don’t you feel good about paying your taxes now?

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