Yes, it happened: School shooters stopped by armed citizens

Gun, Citizen, Flag
Gun, Citizen, Flag

Here are three examples of school shootings/shooters stopped by common citizens with firearms. Take a look:

  1. In 1997 at Pearl High School in Pearl, MS the Assistant Principal retrieved his weapon from his truck and detained the shooter before he could flee the scene.
  2. In 2002 at Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia 2 students retrieved their weapons from their vehicles and assisted other unarmed students in disarming and detained the shooter.
  3. In 1998 at a Parker Middle School dance in Edinboro, PA the private business owner of the dance location intervened and confronted the shooter with his shotgun.

In all three cases, lives were saved because the shooter was stopped and detained. In all three cases, the shooter was captured alive without a shot being fired at the shooter. All 3 cases, the shooter was detained by citizens until law enforcement arrived.

It’s time we remove the “gun free zones” and allow citizens to protect themselves and each other. ConservativeFiringLine reports:

In study number one, it was determined that the most crucial aspect is time. The more time a shooter has, the more people he can kill.

An armed citizenry is vital to our nation’s security.

H/T to listener J. Peel for submitting this story.

Photo credit KingLomo


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