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Which Hillary do supporters like?

Hillary Clinton, Hard Choices

Senator Bernie Sanders recently blurted that Americans are tired of hearing about Hillary’s “damned emails”. That statement is more wish than truth; emails are but one of her many turpitudes.

Bernie does not speak for many Americans.

Hillary’s non-admirers are not haters. They recognize Hillary can’t even articulate who Hillary is. Support for her is puzzling considering that her tenets are vividly fluid and chameleonic.

Which Hillary do supporters like? The one that:

• decries the wealthy one-percent while she’s it?

• left the White House “dead broke”?

• is so privileged she must recite her mother’s pitiable life’s story?

• preaches feminist independence while enabling Bill’s philandering for decades?

• embraces global-warming yet travels by limos and private jets?

• lied about taking sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996?

• doesn’t believe Boko Haram is a terrorist group?

• would disarm citizens while enjoying free armed protection?

An August 2015 Quinnipiac University Poll gleaned the top three words associated with Hillary’s name: “liar,” “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy.”

Clintonian history clearly buoys those findings.

In 1992 Laura Jean Lewis, a Resolution Trust Corporation investigator, was examining the failed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, owned by Jim McDougal. The McDougals were associates and investors with the Clintons in Whitewater Development Corporation. A New York Times March 1992 story on Whitewater’s demise triggered Lewis to drive Whitewater to authorities and investigations ensued.

The scrutiny snagged Arkansas’s Rose Law Firm. Hillary became their first female partner while Bill was governor. Investigators pursued billing records to determine the scope of Hillary’s involvement with two clients: Jim McDougal and Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan.

Prosecutors subpoenaed billings for two years. The originals “disappeared” from the firm “shortly before Mr. Clinton took office” (New York Times January 1996) and “the White House” denied having any.

The originals never surfaced however, in early 1996 copies miraculously appeared in the Clinton’s private White House residence.

Independent counsel Robert Ray finalized Whitewater’s investigation concluding (CBS News, March 2002) “…the Whitewater land venture benefited from criminal transactions but there was insufficient evidence to prove former President Clinton or his wife participated in wrongdoing”. However, “prosecutors could not rule out the possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton played a role in the disappearance and mysterious discovery of her law firm billing records”.

A March 1994 New York Times disclosure identified Hillary’s 1978 $1,000 commodities futures investment that yielded $99,540 in 10 months. Bill was Arkansas’s Attorney General and running for governor then.

The Clintons denied any investment aid from close friend James B. Blair, “top lawyer” for Arkansas-based Tyson Foods, the largest poultry business in America. While Bill was governor, “Tyson benefited from several state decisions, including favorable environmental rulings, $9 million in state loans, and the placement of company executives on important state boards”.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell’s October 2012 experience cannot be dismissed. He recited unexpectedly walking in on Clinton’s team scrubbing Benghazi records that were to be relinquished to a review board investigating Benghazi.

The New York Post, September 14, 2014 reported Maxwell recalling Clinton confidantes Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan overseeing a document scrub. To Maxwell’s inquiries Mills replied there were “orders…to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put anybody in the… front office or the seventh floor in a bad light…’ That floor housed offices of then-Secretary of State Clinton and her top advisors.

Maxwell told this to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee in May 2013. After a negative Accountability Review Board report revealed security lapses in Benghazi with four Americans murdered, Maxwell and three others were ousted. Maxwell was reinstated but retired after accusing Clinton’s group of “scape-goating” him.

Hillary’s ultimate unconscionable brush-off of four murdered Americans and their families is evinced by her callous “what difference does it make”?

Her lack of judgment is highlighted with her spin of lost/deleted emails and wiped private servers. She had the highest security clearance available while incapable of discriminating what information about America’s security was sensitive and/or probably classified.

That lack is underlined by her information-sharing with confidante Sidney Blumenthal who has no security clearance whatsoever.

The Clintonesque surface is but scratched considering the tangled web of Blumenthal-Benghazi-The Clinton Foundation- millions of dollars in speaking fees- clouds of quid pro quo and multiple conflicting paid positions of Hillary’s two intimates, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer recently asked Hillary to cite her “number one accomplishment”, she replied “read my book ‘Hard Choices’ “.

The rational choice isn’t hard at all.

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Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.

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