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Syrians are dancing in the streets

Syrian Rebels

I’ve been getting private messages asking for my take on Russia in Syria. Americans were lied to from the very beginning, so I need to back track a little. What happened in Syria was very much like in Egypt and Libya. When the so-called “Arab” spring broke out, it was actually an “Islamist Spring”. Islamists were very well organized and just waiting for the right moment to make their move. It came when the Tunisian man set himself on fire. It created a domino effect of Islamist movements. Islamists were the majority in the streets trying to take down the existing governments.

In Egypt, a protest had been in the planning stages for three months about a case of police brutality. The demands at the protest were about making changes regarding police procedures and other reforms regarding arrests. When the situation in Tunisia happened, Islamists “sprung” forth and took over Tahrir. That protest was a well-planned event that had nothing to do with taking down Mubarek–you were lied to. Within three days, the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated Tahrir and took over the protest. Violence erupted and that was the end of Egypt. Islamists (the Muslim Brotherhood) took over, with the help of Obama. Who also began to try to take out any stable form of government in other Muslim countries, too, knowing the vacuum would be filled by Islamists.

None of those countries were prepared to have elections right then at that time–and Obama knew it–everyone in those countries knew it. They didn’t have enough political parties formed, no way of protecting voting stations, nothing. Only Islamist organizations were built up and ready to take power. Hence, as in Egypt and Libya, the same thing was about to happen in Syria–except the people were quick to fight back. Syria’s national forces consist of Christians, Yazidi, Kurds, Armenians, etc. Syria’s “secular” army has been fighting hard core Islamists who want to make Syria an Islamic State, governed by Islamic Law.

In Egypt there was enough Muslim Brotherhood members to be able to takeover. Not so in Syria. Islamists were there and organized, but had to call in thousands of Islamists from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Egypt and Chechnya. That is who has been fighting in “Rebel” groups from the very beginning, even the groups backed by the US, or I should say, backed by Obama. They are Islamists who wanted to impose Islamic Law. Not one of them wanted a democracy–you were lied to. These “rebel” groups began by hitting minority villages, Christian, Yazidi, Alewite, Kurd, etc., and immediately began imposing Islamic Law as they conquered territory throughout Syria. This war was never about trying to form a democracy.

What I’ve seen so far on American news is making me ill. US-backed rebels have attacked villages and forced Islamic Law on civilians. The rebel groups and ISIS have been destroying parts of Damascus and Aleppo during the last few weeks. Many displaced people, many of them my friends, have had to flee their villages and go to Damascus & Aleppo over the last year or so when they have escaped from ISIS or rebel attacks. Now they have been pounded by US rebels and ISIS in Damascus and Aleppo, too. The situation has been quite dire and the Syrian Army has been running out of man power. ISIS and rebels have taken over half of Syria. They were close to taking a major airport & army base and it would have been the end of Syria. Gone to Islamists. In celebration of their win they would do as they always do when they take a village or city–massacre Christians, Yazidi, Druze–rape and behead and torture.
Syrians, Egyptians, and anyone who REALLY knows what has been happening in Syria is thrilled that Russia is coming to the rescue. When Russia made the statement for the US to clear out of that fighting space, basically they were saying: If you are involved with those Islamist groups that we are taking out–you’d better get out now. When the Syrian people heard the announcement that Russia was joining their fight today, people began dancing in the streets.

You can read more in my followup story complete with maps here on CheriBerens.

Cheri Berens

Cheri Berens

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.

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