State Dept. accidentally tells truth on Twitter, promptly fixes ‘mistake’

John Kerry
John Kerry

The State Department goofed on Thursday when, in a rare moment of candor and humanity, it displayed compassion for Israel. Following an especially bloody week in which three Israelis were killed in some half dozen attacks by Palestinian terrorists, the department veered from the standard Obama administration line, which is to call for restraint from both sides.

Someone at State (doubtless since fired) tweeted a message introducing a video by John Kerry that mischaracterized the secretary’s views as sympathetic to the besieged Jewish state.

The tweet was abruptly yanked and replaced with a politically neutered version, but not before Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon preserved the original tweet for posterity in a screen cap:

See the neutralized replacement Tweet and the rest of the story at LibertyUnyielding

Photo credit Donkey Hotey


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