Putin promised to protect Christianity worldwide

Obama, Putin, Faceoff
Obama, Putin, Faceoff

Why Obama Hates Putin and the reason behind the propaganda against Russia’s involvement in Syria:

Putin is Christian and believes the world is in trouble. Ever notice all of those “shirtless” photos—the ones exposing his baptismal cross?

In January 2012, Putin promised to protect Christianity worldwide:

Putin met with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow (Russia’s Orthodox Church Patriarch) at Moscow’s main cathedral. During this meeting, the Patriarch told Putin that every five minutes one Christian was dying for his or her faith in some part of the world, specifically in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and India; and that Christians are facing repressions all over the world. The cleric asked Putin to make the protection of Christians one of the foreign policy directions in the future. Putin told the Patriarch that he could count on it–that he would make policies to protect Christians.

Just a few years after that meeting, the Russian Orthodox Church, which has reclaimed its traditional role in Russia (thanks to Putin), described Russia’s fight against the Islamic State and other jihadi groups in Syria as a “holy war”.

Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the the Russian Orthodox Church’s Public Affairs Department said: “The fight with terrorism is a holy battle and today our country is perhaps the most active force in the world fighting it. The Russian Federation has made a responsible decision on the use of armed forces to defend the People of Syria from the sorrows caused by the arbitrariness of terrorists. Christians are suffering in the region with the kidnapping of clerics and the destruction of churches.”

Putin was greatly influenced by Ivan Ilyin, a Russian political and religious thinker. Ilyin promoted ethnic-religious traditionalism, and the unique “Russian soul.” Ilyin believed Russia could recover from the Bolshevik revolution and recover itself spiritually, then politically. Putin has mentioned Ilyin in several major speeches.

Putin has described the central role of the Russian Orthodox Church as Russia’s “spiritual shield”, that a church-grounded spiritual resistance to the problems Russia faces is as important to Russia’s security as a nuclear shield. Putin promotes Ilyin’s vision for Russia, based on the promotion of the Church and traditional values which he feels will bring a spiritual renewal to the Russian people.

In Putin’s speeches he has spoken about the need for religious revival and the valuable role that the Orthodox Church plays, stating that the Church plays a major role in preserving Russia’s rich historical and cultural heritage and in supporting moral values. He has stated that the church brings unity, strengthens family ties, and educates the younger generation in a spirit of patriotism.

Putin’s core statements in many various speeches have focused on extreme patriotism and Christian faith. He has also stated: “We must protect Russia from that which has destroyed American society” (the anti-Christian liberalism that has, in many ways, destroyed America’s core). He does not want to see that happen in Russia and is an avid promoter of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Did you know that Russian weapons that are being sent to Syria to fight ISIS and Islamist ‘rebels’ are blessed by a priest before going to war? Whereas, in America, priests are being removed from the army, and replaced by Muslim imams.

Putin’s father was a communist, but his mother was an Orthodox Christian. Putin was baptized as a child but was not a practicing Christian during his KGB years. During the late ‘Soviet Union’ period, Putin went back to his Christian roots. By the late 1990’s, Putin was wearing his baptismal cross openly, and his re-birth into Christianity has been a major part of his life and political career as Prime Minister and now as President. Many of his bare-chested photo ops were an excuse to display his Christian Cross to show what he stands for.

In a 2014 speech at Valdai Club, Putin said: “Another serious challenge to Russia’s identity is linked to events taking place in the world. Here there are both foreign policy and moral aspects. We can see how many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually rejecting their roots, including the Christian values that constitute the basis of Western civilization. They are denying moral principles and all traditional identities: national, cultural, religious and even sexual. They are implementing policies that equate large families with same-sex partnerships, belief in God with the belief in Satan. The excesses of political correctness have reached the point where people are seriously talking about registering political parties whose aim is to promote pedophilia. People in many European countries are embarrassed or afraid to talk about their religious affiliations. Holidays are abolished or even called something different; their essence is hidden away, as is their moral foundation. And people are aggressively trying to export this model all over the world. I am convinced that this opens a direct path to degradation and primitivism, resulting in a profound demographic and moral crisis.”

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.