Oregonian’s 1st-Hand Account of Roseburg Protest

Go Home Obama, Roseburg OR
Go Home Obama, Roseburg OR

Before the nine bodies had been removed from Umpqua Community College’s Snyder Hall, President Obama took to the airwaves and, in a rare moment of transparency and clarity, admitted that he would use yet another mass murder for his own political purposes. When the White House announced the President’s impending visit to Roseburg to honor the dead and injured and to offer comfort to their families, many residents of the timber town and its environs took umbrage at what they anticipated to be one more incidence of presidential grandstanding.

My friend Tami Jackson participated in Friday’s protest against the President’s visit. She lived in that small town for some of her childhood, so she has a feel for its political climate. Additionally, she is BarbWire.com’s executive editor, and plied her journalistic skills to cover the event.

Tami wrote in part:

I heard hundreds of folks thanking the police and state troopers who were present. Those police and troopers responded in kind, most of them thanking US for being there and standing up to the Administration and for our Second Amendment rights.

In fact, one state trooper stopped me and thanked ME for carrying! He mentioned that it sent a terrific message to other women and citizens concerning the right to bear arms.

Tami is a firecracker (passionate about her country and its freedoms), so be sure to listen to her Monday, October 12 guest appearance on The Real Side, and read the rest of her article here.

Photo credit Tami Jackson Photography.

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