Like the ghoulish political vulture he is, President Obama swooped in to Roseburg, Oregon on Friday to stand on the bones of the dead at the scene of last week’s tragic mass shooting at Umpqua Community College.

Desperately trying to personalize the tragedy for political gain, the community scavenger gave his usual faux-empathetic remarks saying, “’I’ve got some very strong feelings about this because when you talk to these families, you’re reminded that this could be happening to your child, or your mom, or your dad, or your relative, or your friend,’ said Mr. Obama, standing next to Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon and Mayor Larry Rich of Roseburg. ‘And so we’re going to have to come together as a country to see how we can prevent these issues from taking place.’”

While many Roseburg residents had implored the president not to come, he simply could not resist the opportunity to push his radical liberal gun control agenda.

And just like the Roseburg residents’ wishes he ignored, the president ignored the simple fact that, by definition, criminals do not follow the law. Allow me to remind Mr. Obama, criminals do not follow gun laws, therefore no matter how many gun control laws are passed, they will do nothing to stop shootings like the one at Umpqua Community College.

The ATF reported the Umpqua shooter followed all gun laws to obtain his thirteen weapons–six of which he used at the college, yet the president is threatening to take executive action to force gun dealers to perform additional background checks on gun buyers. Not only is the president’s latest threat redundant, cumbersome, and designed to infringe on law-abiding gun owners’ rights to own firearms–it’s wholly unconstitutional. The president simply does not have authority to change the second amendment. Period.

Presidential constitutional usurpation aside, the problem is not a lack gun control laws. The problem is too many ineffectual liberal laws creating so-called “Gun Free Zones” and the lack of pre-shooting detection of the mentally ill who may become homicidal. Gun Free Zones are Killing Zones. To potential shooters Gun Free Zones are magnets because like the true cowards these shooters are, they want soft, easy targets. What better place than one where no one is armed except the shooter?

No matter how many laws are put in place, we will never be able to predict one hundred percent which mentally ill person will become homicidal before he (yes, the vast majority are male) snaps. Humans are unpredictable. Humans are, however, capable of change–for the good and the bad–which means we as a society need to get better at detection and treatment. These shootings have some things in common besides whether the guns were obtained legally, namely, broken homes, mental or behavioral problems, and ignored warning signs.

If the president truly wants to see how more gun laws do not reduce gun violence, he need only swoop Air Force One into a liberal-run place like Chicago. There he’d see multiple-victim shootings are a nightly occurrence even though Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

The president needs to stop pushing his anti-gun lunacy making it harder for law-abiding citizens to obtain guns for protection and start focusing on the social and mental health causes of gun violence.


Photo credit: André Botha

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