LIBERAL LIES EXPOSED: Another Gun Control LIE Debunked

No Mass Shootings In The Past 30 Years Have Been Stopped By An Armed Civilian, MEME, Mass Revolutionaries

In light of the recent Oregon mass murders, the gun controllers have yet another ridiculous meme that is easily proven to be untrue.

What they also don’t seem to realize is that most, if not all, mass murders of these type, especially those in their beloved ‘gun free zones’, are always stopped by someone with a firearm whether it’s the police or a civilian.

Here are just a few cases below that prove they are wrong.

From Controversial Times:

April 30, 2014
An irate former employee came to a construction site and OPENED FIRE ON HIS CO-WORKERS. The site’s foreman, a Concealed Handgun License holder, drew his firearm and opened fire. Both men were wounded in the exchange of gunfire but the foreman’s actions ended the attack and no one else was wounded.

[Editors Note: Don’t think that’s an isolated incident, read the rest at TheFederalistPapers]

Of course, you rarely get big headlines when these cases happen because the main stream media is typically left wing and are all about gun control for the masses.

While these hoplophobes continue to push more gun control that gets people killed, Americans know that their odds are much better if they can protect themselves than wait for the good guys with guns.

Seconds matter when help is minutes away.