Israel: Truth, Lies, and Yellow Journalism

Media Fairness And Israel, Media bias, Yellow Journalism
Media Fairness And Israel, Media bias, Yellow Journalism

As a possible third intifada ramps up in the Holy land, people tend to choose the sides based on who they perceive to be the good guy or bad guy, and unfortunately, many of them make that choice relying solely on the impression given to them by the media without investigating the facts on their own. The sad truth is that many people reach a conclusion simply by scanning headlines and never reading the story, a fact the print media is very much aware of and are quite happy to take full advantage of.
Did I mention that, quite often, the media is biased?

For example, news organizations will frequently run a headline stating that a Palestinian was killed with a clash with the IDF. Of course, these headlines are deliberately written in a way that casts the IDF in a negative light, but what they fail to mention is the fact that the Palestinian was killed because he attacked the Israeli soldiers. Since editors are fully aware that many people will only scan the headline without reading the story, they know that a large percentage of their readers will come away with the intended false impression.

This tactic is used, not only with printed articles but with videos as well. For example, a recent video posted by NBC News with the headline that a Palestinian teen was fatally shot, without indicating the reason for the shooting (he attacked IDF troops). This is done, of course, to leave the false impression that Israel is an evil empire brutally oppressing the noble Palestinians. NBC is not alone in the use of this type of yellow journalism, most of the other major news outlets are guilty as well.

This brand of anti-Semitic propaganda was on full display… Read the rest at ConservativeUnderground

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