Intersex Denied Passport

Intersex person denied a US passport for not identifying as a particular gender.

US Passport
US Passport

Yesterday was Intersex Awareness Day. Oh, I’m sorry…what the heck is that? I can’t keep them all straight…and the story gets dicier. A Navy veteran (probably trying to win sympathy points for service) was denied a passport after not listing the gender they identified with. They called it a constitutional violation of their rights. He, she, it…I’m sorry but where is that in the Constitution? That’s found in your grammar book! The goal of the lawsuit against the DOJ is to help the US change its policy and allow a “third gender” option on applications such as passports or allow people to travel without having to list a gender. If you see this person’s picture, you’ll understand why. I’m sorry “male” and “female” are discriminatory but that’s what existed at the beginning of time. God didn’t create anything but males and females in the Bible. Culture has twisted those into something all but unrecognizable, although we love them all.

Information obtained from NBC New York

Photo Credit Gary Dykstra


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