In Shame We Trust…GA School Lawsuit

A school in Georgia imposed religion on their elementary students by forcing them to pray or demeaning those who refused.

People Praying, Christian, kids, children
People Praying, Christian, kids, children

You hear how kids have to read homosexual content, or learn sex education in third grade. Well, a school in Georgia reversed the status quo by forcing elementary children to pray, even if they didn’t believe in God. They would shame those who refused. Not real Christian, is it? Many of the children were told to go wait outside while the rest of the class prayed. They would pressure them to “give in” and pray with the rest.

The inappropriateness of the situation came to a head, when Jesse’s homeroom teacher, Kaytrene Bright, would not let the child go to recess, instead meeting with Jesse “to talk about Bright’s personal conception of the Christian god.” She went even further with this, according to the suit, saying Jesse’s mother “is a bad person for not believing in God.”

Just want to say this is not a good example of Christianity. True Christians would never do this.  True believers would be kinder and respect the First Amendment.

The settlement? “Teachers have received educational training on their obligations not to promote religious beliefs in their classrooms and the Doe family has been financially compensated for harm they suffered.”

Information Derived from AJC News

Photo Courtesy of Pilgrim Fatimah


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