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Honor killing: A disgusting family affair

Rokstan M, Honor Killing, Victim, Syria, Germany

Her family labeled her as “unclean” after a gang rape. Now she’s an honor killing victim. Who killed her? It appears to have been a family affair… In reading the report on Breitbart, 2 things stuck out to me:

  1. They are reporting her death as an “honor killing” without nary a mention of what the “honor killing” is tied to. No mention of Islam or Muslims ANYWHERE in the story. Is just assumed that ALL honor killings are Islamic related? Or are there other cultures, religions, etc. that subscribe to the practice of honor killings? Or worse… is there a press blackout on questioning and calling out that tie-in? I hope it’s not the latter!
  2. Where are this woman’s human rights? Are honor killings covered under human rights? Or are they excepted? And where is the outcry?

Here’s an excerpt from the Breitbart story.

The horrifying story of an “honor killing” in Germany spotlights the sheer madness of importing millions of unvetted, unassimilated migrants.

The victim, a 20-year-old woman known as “Rokstan M,” is one refugee who had a strong case for asylum. She was gang-raped in Syria, emigrated to Germany two years ago, and found employment with the German government as a translator.

However, she strongly suspected her family wanted her dead for being “unclean,” and her suspicions appear to have been confirmed, as the German police believe her father and brothers slaughtered her with knives and buried her body in a garden, allegedly at the instruction of her mother.

Let me know what you think. And drop Breitbart a comment if you think they dropped the ball on this coverage.

Photo credit DailyMailUK

Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

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