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GOP “DEBATE”: This is Why We Hate The Mainstream Media

GOP debate, video still

In what could only be described as a Junior High School level attempt at debate moderating, CNBC hosted the third in a series of scheduled GOP Presidential Debates. Billed as an Economics Debate, one would expect the economy, the national debt, the deficit, entitlements, and other economics-related topics to be front and center, however that was far from what happened.

From the opening question, “What is your greatest weakness?” it was clear this “debate” would be nothing more than the usual farcical lefty effort to discredit the GOP candidates while using up the time on superfluous topics that had little to do with the real problems facing this country.

The questions meandered from comic books, to insinuations of a lack of maturity, to mulitple attempts at ‘gotcha,’ to a litany of disproven leftist talking points. Clearly, Ted Cruz had had enough when he was asked yet another biased lefty-style question leading the Senator to decimate CNBC moderator John Harwood:

Who can blame Ted Cruz? Enough is enough. Notice the biased way the question was framed and how quick Harwood was to cut off Cruz by not allowing him to actually answer the question? Cruz is right. America is sick and tired of the way the mainstream media treats the GOP leading many to rightly distrust them.

America is burning while leftists fiddle.

At one point, even Chris Christie had had it with CNBC’s John Harwood when the “debate’s” topic turned to Fantasy Football–yes, Fantasy Football:

Seriously Harwood, when Jersey boy Chris Christie calls you out for being ridiculous and rude, you should take heed. Trust me, Christie knows rude.

Is it possible CNBC and its moderators do not know how to ask substantive questions in a neutral way? Doubtful. Or do they simply love ratings ploys and goose-stepping to the almighty Democrat agenda more than they love this country? Probable. At the very least, it was apparent that CNBC doesn’t have a clue what the role of a true moderator should be.

A skilled moderator knows how to ask questions in a way that invites discussion, not shut it down. Cutting off participant answers because they don’t fit the agenda is not skill, it’s douchebaggery.

A skilled moderator keeps questions and answers on topic (It’s the economy and economics, Stupid!). Fantasy Football. UGH.

A skilled moderator allows for equal time for all participants to answer. Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, helloooo?

A skilled moderator is impartial. In other words, it’s not about you or your party’s agenda, John Harwood. It’s about the country and our future.

A skilled moderator does not target participants for repeated personal attacks on his character, age, or positions as viewed biasedly through the prism of partisan politics. Marco Rubio anyone?

Tonight certainly begged the question of why does the GOP even take part in these Freak Show Lefty-Controlled Love Fests? After the “debate” RNC Chairman Reince Prebius seemed as fed up as the candidates:

…but will anything change or will mealy-mouthed Reince remain disappointed in whimpy word only? With eight more “debates” to go, I won’t hold my breath.

Is it November 2016, yet?

Gwendolyn Sims

Gwendolyn Sims

Gwendolyn Sims is a Conservatarian surrounded by CA crazies. 9/11 was her Day of Awakening and she's been waking up others ever since. God, her teenage boys, her rocket scientist husband, her two dogs, her 14lb cat, volleyball, and the Buckeyes are her life. She hopes to get back to them all after the 2020 elections. Follow Gwendolyn on Twitter at @scvbuckeye.

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